Diet Detective

Is your health on hold? Not sure what to do to improve digestion? Struggling to get through work-outs?  

I work with busy adults to create realistic goals and tiny action steps forward to meet those goals. Through a deep dive into nutrition, patterns and preferences, we will create a way forward to meet your goals with ease.

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Mobility Assessment

You might be in pain, working through an injury or trying to avoid one as you perform at higher and higher levels. I am a certified mobility coach through The Ready State and am fully equipped now to perform assessments and provide recommendations to help you move and function to your highest capacity.
I have been an athlete for more than half of my life and have had my share of injuries.  In our work together, we will assess where the deficits lie. Next there might be soft tissue mobilization. Then we work on exercises and integration.


I work with busy men and women who want to feel younger by improving their relationship to food, movement and mindfulness.

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About Julie

An accomplished marathon and ultra-marathon runner, she was once the USATF Women’s 50K Trail champion. The cumulative stress to both body and mind took its toll and she vowed to learn to heal herself. Although her degrees in French Literature and Journalism hadn’t prepared her for it, as an avid learner she became a Human Potential coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Human Movement Specialist in addition to being a Certified Tiny Habits ®  coach. Ultimately, she founded her own yoga studio Metro Power Yoga where she applied all her wisdom and was considered THE place for athletes to chill out.

Julie has been a guest on several podcasts and a guest expert on many Tiny Habits Academy Panels. She is a sought-after teacher, workshop facilitator and speaker on topics related to sustenance, mindset, movement and sleep.

Despite her attention to health, Julie would never turn down an offer for a ride on the back of a motorcycle.

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