Naboso InsolesA short list of products, trainings and services I use and recommend. 


Naboso Sensory mats, insoles and other devices to activate the feet, hands and whole body. I have three pairs of the insoles – performance, neuro and activation. I’d say I prefer performance over the others if I had to pick one favorite.


Toe ProHuman Locomotion – Innovative Products for athletes and clinicians. I have many of the products from Human Location. One of my favorites is the Toe Pro. I use it to do heel raises, but I also use it to challenge my balance. I find my feet are so much stronger after just a few weeks of use.



Plum Dragon Herbs I discovered Dit Da Jow many years ago as a topical healing formula that is pungent and powerful. I used it to heal several fractures and injured ligaments. I still purchase the formulas, my favorite is Ancestor’s Advanced. I purchase whole herbs to create my own teas and supplements.

Rogue Fitness Hands down, Rogue Fitness is the leading manufacturer of strength and conditioning equipment, including barbells, power racks, sleds, and accessories. Founded in a garage in 2006, this company knows how to create quality goods. The company remains dedicated to serving the needs of serious athletes at every level, from the garage to the arena. I regularly buy product from Rogue, completing my basement gym at every chance I get. They not only carry weights, racks and barbells, but a host of mobility tools as well.

Tune up FitnessTune Up Fitness – Live. Move. Breathe. Better. Amazing products to mobilize “stuck” tissues that have been injured, compressed, neglected for years. My favorite massage ball is the Alpha Ball, which you can get here.



The Ready State Mobility like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Created by Kelly Starrett, author of Ready to Run and Becoming a Supple Leopard among others, the site combine functional mobility assessments, routines and exercises to keep all human bodies integrated and ready to perform at peak.

Defender Shield EMF protection is real. I own several products from Defender Shield and rest a lot easier with lowered anxiety and lots of mental capacity as a result of using their cases and other protective devices.

Interactualizer – I highly recommend this ICF-accredited coach training program. If you don’t know where to start, begin with the 8-week mindfulness course. The leaders of this training organization gave me the knowledge, skills and practice that I needed to become a better listener, coach and human. The program is designed to teach coaching skills in addition to life skills like mindfulness and self-regulation. You will learn how to manage your self, relationships and others as you study to become a better partner, parent, manager, leader and coach.