Dara Torres think so. I think a lot of the fiction around growing older is built from our own unawareness of our bodies; how it functions and how to maintain it. Much of what we are capable of, we are told at an early age is impossible. Mentally this colors our attitudes on what we ‘think’ we can achieve.

Yesterday at the track, I was helping some runners. Before they took off, I said a time as a suggestion of what should be possible for that bout. After they finished, they told me that they hit the exact time I had yelled out. Coincidence? Maybe.

For me, my mental aspect is everything. Sure I train hard physically, but on any given day, if I am mentally exhausted, angry or depressed, I’ll have a crappy workout. So, I’m learning new tricks on how to change my focus and mental aspect. It’s not easy and it’s not something that any teaches. But, I feel, it is important and one of the keys to my success.


I work with mid-life men and women who want to feel younger through improving their relationship to food, movement and mindfulness.

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