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Fear, Fasting and Freedom

was on a retreat last week, which many might deem a restful time away. It was my first “vacation” in more than 3 years, but instead of using the time to relax, I got to use the time to face a lot of my fears.


For starters, I decided I would drive – a 10+ hour solo trip to Northern Georgia. This was my first trek alone of that distance – and yet I went anyway. While for some, a drive into unchartered territories is an everyday occurrence, for me this was unusual. And scary.


While excited to get away and listen to audio books and podcasts saved in my digital library, I had a lot of fear going into the trip. To make it all materialize, after listening to 2 audiobooks, 30 miles from my destination, the warning light “Low engine oil pressure detected” flashed and stayed on the dashboard.


Frantic and, at the same time, defeated, I sought the help that I needed to complete my trek. It was through many acts of trust and faith in humanity that got me there and back with no more mishaps besides several nights of poor sleep.


What I know is that fear is actually a good thing – in moderation. Fear is a stressor and it is our innate method of keeping us safe. Fear can make you weak in the knees; it can paralyze you and keep you from your dreams. But harnessed, it can lead to growth, the resolve to try again and, as a result, many great things. While I am still unwinding all of my trip and learnings and continuing to look at my fears, I am coming to discover several key things that have helped me move through these moments of fear.


Six tips to help you move through fear:


  • Identify it as it is. Maybe even give it a name
  • See it as an advantage that will give you superpowers
  • Reframe it into a larger context
  • Give yourself small exposures to what scares you
  • Leverage the help of friends
  • Break it down into pieces to move through it on a smaller scale


What I recognized was the striking similarities between this incident and my practice of facing my fears and some things that now come naturally to me. In particular, I am reminded of the practice of Intermittent fasting. Initially when I started this practice, I was not comfortable skipping meals. In fact, it scared me. What I discovered was that the practice of Intermittent Fasting gave me food freedom and confidence to go without when and how I wanted. I now can choose when and how to eat without anxiety and additionally, I have learned the difference between emotional and physical hunger.


If you are curious about this practice, I am offering coaching on Intermittent Fasting and have a 4-week program, for just $117, starting October 22. You will learn  why, when, how and more about Intermittent Fasting. While many use Intermittent Fasting for weight loss and metabolic adaptations, it is also being studied and shown that it many enhance disease prevention and longevity.


You can reply to this email for more details on my coaching, or register here for the group coaching program:


I work with mid-life men and women who want to feel younger through improving their relationship to food, movement and mindfulness.

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