Through my years as a competitive runner, I have had my share of injuries. In addition, I have an auto-immune condition. Both of these circumstance have led me to seek alternative ways to combat inflammation – both acute and chronic.

While inflammation is an essential part of our immune response to injury, infection, or harm or stress. When it is unmanaged, it may contribute to many disease states.

I believe in a food first mindset, but sometimes diet and lifestyle, while hugely important, are not enough. This is where anti-inflammatory supplements become important as an alternative or complimentary therapy to fight inflammation.

Many supplements on the shelf make lofty claims when it comes to their proposed anti-inflammatory properties. Look for research on the supplements when you are looking to add these into your regime

In the list that follows, I go beyond the basics – vitamin c, fish oil, vitamin d, magnesium, quercetin for a variety of reasons I won’t get into here. If you are interested in chatting about your particular condition or need, I can help guide you.

Lifestyle factors that are important to note for reducing inflammation are things such as getting 7-9 hours of sleep, moving your body daily, managing stress, not smoking nor drinking alcohol, limiting sugars and foods that you do not tolerate, eating a well-rounded diet and staying hydrated.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices cause your body to think there’s danger, which will make the inflammatory process flare. Healthy lifestyle choices help your body feel safe, which helps to ease the inflammatory response.


Here are six of my favorite – non-standard – anti-inflammatory supplements:

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in protein-rich foods has garnered attention for its potential anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Arthritis and Joint Health:
  2. Exercise-Induced Inflammation:
  3. Antioxidant Capacity and Oxidative Stress:


Bromelain, derived from pineapple, has been studied for its potential anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Osteoarthritis:
  2. Bromelain acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agentIt reduces the synthesis of compounds like prostaglandin E2 (PGE-2) and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), which play key roles in inflammation
    • By inhibiting these inflammatory pathways, bromelain helps soothe swollen tissues and eases discomfort.


Serrapeptase, an enzyme derived from silkworms, holds promise in both inflammation management and healing.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Powerhouse:
  2. Wound Healing Accelerator:
  3. Post-Surgical Recovery and Scar Tissue Reduction:


N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) is a basic component of hyaluronic acid and keratin sulfate and is derived from crustaceans.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Effects:
  2. Protection Against Oxidative Stress:


Cissus Quadrangularis, also known as Hadjod, has gained attention for its potential benefits in surgery recovery and healing.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
  2. Bone Healing and Fracture Recovery:
  3. Analgesic Effects:


Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a medicinal herb with a long history. While internal use of comfrey has been restricted due to safety concerns (it contains toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids), it remains highly useful for external applications.

  1. Relief from Pain and Inflammation:
    • Comfrey has been traditionally used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.
    • Available scientific evidence supports its effectiveness in improving healing and pain response related to bruises, sprains, and painful muscles and joints, especially those associated with exercise.
  2. Speeds healing
  3. Skin Healing and Cell Regeneration:

Over the years, I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, but I am just one person. Trust your instincts, ask questions, do your own reading and research. I’m here to help you move, think, feel better. If you want to dive in, you can set up an account with FullScript and purchase anything at a 20% discount through my account.


I work with mid-life men and women who want to feel younger through improving their relationship to food, movement and mindfulness.

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