SOAR with Julie B

Self-doubt is exhausting! Not only is it tiring, it can contribute to overwhelm, depression, and non-productive coping patterns. I work best with those who are open to learning more about themselves and who have a true interest in growth and change.

If this sounds like you, we might be a good fit. In my practice, I use the skills of active listening, refection and open-ended questions to help each client work more closely to their unique outcomes. Honestly, I don’t provide quick fixes and always let the client lead the coaching relationship. 

My specialties include: habits coaching, nutrition coaching, yoga instruction, meditation guidance, mobility coaching and running coaching.

You may be unsure about what a coach can provide for you. Coaching is different from therapy in that, with coaching, the client is always in charge. As a coach, I provide active listening and reflection, not advice.

What Coaching IS:

Coaching is partnering with clients in an embodied and thought-provoking way, inspiring them to maximize their potential. Coaching is NOT mentorship, counseling therapy nor advice. It’s a safe place – a judgment-free zone – where clients can clear the fog in order to better direct the journey of change. As a coach, I help clients learn to intuitively operate from a mindset of grace in order to grow into a lifelong practice of experiential growth.

Coaching is 100% confidential and is not intended to replace medical attention. In fact, coaching can compliment many other modalities of care to better allow for client growth. Through embodied listening, coaching can help clients SOAR.

My Offerings:
Diet Detective

Is your health on hold? Not sure what to do to improve digestion? Struggling to get through work-outs?  

I work with busy adults to create realistic goals and tiny action steps forward to meet those goals. Through a deep dive into nutrition, patterns and preferences, we will create a way forward to meet your goals with ease.


Mobility Assessment
You might be in pain, working through an injury or trying to avoid one as you perform at higher and higher levels. I am a certified mobility coach through The Ready State and am fully equipped now to perform assessments and provide recommendations to help you move and function to your highest capacity.
I have been an athlete for more than half of my life and have had my share of injuries.  In our work together, we will assess where the deficits lie. Next there might be soft tissue mobilization. Then we work on exercises and integration.


Longevity and Performance Coaching

Are you looking to avoid or get off medication? Avoid surgery? Get up and down off the floor? Frustrated with “band-aids” provided by your Doctor? I work with busy mid-life men and women who want to feel younger by improving their relationship to food, movement and mindfulness.


Genetic Genie

Are you tired, can’t focus, wary of memory gaps, sleep issues? Struggling with rashes, eczema, bloating and indigestion after meals? Can’t lose weight despite careful attention to diet and exercise? It might not be what you are doing, but your genes that are stopping you from getting where you want to go. For this service, you should have a willingness to learn a bit more about your own genetic make-up and either have your genetic data or be open to getting it.


Cost and Packages:
  • Single Session – $125
  • 4 sessions –  $475
  • 6 sessions – $625
  • 12 sessions – $1100

Each session typically runs from 45-60 minutes. Frequency of sessions (and duration) will be mutually agreed upon once you sign on as a client. Ideally, to make permanent change, our work together will span 3-6 months. 


Words from clients: 

My ongoing coaching sessions with Julie have opened up transformations in many areas of my life.  Specifically, the ability to shift the need to controlling outcomes into simply being with what is.  This shift allows me to see things for what they are and to be able to meet others where they are at in all areas of my life, as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and as a professional in my own career.  This awareness allows me to be honest with myself, others and has made me a more joyful authentic human being.

Investing in Julie’s coaching sessions proved to be life changing for me and allowed me to stand up for my values and live my life more fully and free of fear, and to except that how I react to any situation is what is truly within my control, and that getting in touch with how my feelings showed up in my physical self could direct my path.

Julie’s feedback has shaped my listening for how I teach yoga.  I’m now present when I come out of integrity in my leading, and I’m able to make a shift in the moment to realign and to be with my students in a powerful way.

I believe that every person and organization can benefit from the foundations and tools that Julie provides in her coaching to do the work that’s necessary to uncover the root of what may be holding you or your organization back.

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