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Pain that Never Goes Away

In school, you’re taught to repeat something over and over again to commit it to memory. Did you know your nerves can “memorize” different kinds of stimuli? Your nerve cells can memorize bad stimuli, like pain.  This is called central sensitization. In what follows, we’ll talk about the science behind central sensitization, how it’s diagnosed, …

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Embrace the Inner Critic

Has your inner critic gained too much control over your ability to move forward? While, the critical voice that emerges every so often is not always welcome, it may serve a purpose. While annoying, it might serve as a protector and motivator, so it’s not all bad. This nagging voice lets you: Refine and reduce …

Got Goals

Got Goals?

If you’re like most people out there with goals or intentions for a new year, it’s likely that you might get caught up in the trap of motivation. While motivation does help you move forward, your goals are no sooner reached with copious amounts of sheer motivation. This thinking prompts us to think we need …