Last night in a freak storm, we lost internet. Not the electricity out, but a cable to our home alone went down in the backyard. I was angry. So angry.

And I sat in my anger with my partner, my dog and the two service people I finally reached. (One on the phone and one on chat… because I was betting I could get a response from one sooner than the other; which was NOT the case).

Their response was that a technician would be by Thursday – more than 48 hours – after the outage. My response was more anger.

The next morning, stilled enraged, I listened to one of my favorite wise leaders Tara Brach. Anger and transformation. I soon recognized my anger, allowed it to be there, and saw the deeper connection to my outburst.

I advise you to listen. Our anger can provoke war and divisiveness or it can be a source of great transformation, but first we need to recognize, allow, investigate and nurture.


I work with mid-life men and women who want to feel younger through improving their relationship to food, movement and mindfulness.

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